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MyReadingManga is a free online manga reading website. It’s focus on BL (Boys Love, Bara, Yaoi) manga genres and much more. The site offers many adult comics and manga with diverse themes but mainly focuses on gay men. Readers can find today’s most popular manga genres on Myreadingmanga, from Japanese comics to Korean and Chinese manga.

Official – Websites Like Myreadingmanga

Many fake websites claim to be Myreadingmanga. These websites can threaten your data security. To help you identify the official domains of Myreading Manga, we recommend that you only access the alternative links below to read the Manga:

Genres manga on My Reading Manga

Myreadingmanga allows readers to read manga online for free. Users can read thousands of comics with diverse genres, such as Yaoi, Yuri, GL, etc. Besides, My Reading Manga also regularly updates new series, providing a rich library source for readers. Popular genres on the site include:


  • Yaoi/ Yuri is a genre focusing on gay/lesbian couples. Popular Yaoi and Yuri titles such as Junjou Romantica, Citrus, Sasaki, and Miyano,…
  • Shounen is a genre aimed at male readers, focusing on action and adventure manga. Famous shounen titles include One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, etc.
  • Shoujo is for female readers, focusing on romance and relationship themes. Popular shoujo titles include Kamisama Hajimemashita, Ao Haru Ride, Orange, etc.
  • Seinen: fantasy genre for adult male readers. Some prominent seinen titles include Berserk, Vagabond, Oyasumi Punpun,…
  • Harem is a genre where many female characters like male characters.

There are also many other genres, such as comedy, horror, mecha, ecchi, and hentai,… to serve readers' tastes.

How to read manga on Myreadingmanga

A big plus point of the website is its simple, user-friendly interface. Readers can effortlessly search, filter, and sort manga by many criteria such as title, author, genre, etc

Reading comics on Myreadingmanga gives readers many exciting experiences:

  • Read thousands of famous comics for free, saving money on buying books.
  • Quickly update new chapters of the series you are following.
  • Friendly interface, convenient for reading manga on mobile and computer.
  • The Bookmark feature helps bookmark and return to reading quickly.
  • It supports many languages, and the content is easy to understand.
  • Don't be bothered by ads when reading manga.

Thanks to that, the experience of reading manga on Myreadingmanga is exciting and convenient. Readers can enjoy a fun, relaxing story-reading space.

Is it Safe to read Manga on Myreadingmanga?

Myreadingmanga is one of the largest websites for fans of reading Japanese comics and manga online. There are still potential risks because of the ads on the site. Website has a lot of advertising to generate revenue, maintain operations, and pay operating costs. As a minor, you should not visit websites for people over 18. 

However, here are some tips to help readers limit ads and avoid viruses when reading manga here:

  • Use ad-blocking software on your browser to minimize ads.
  • Do not click on suspicious ads that may contain malicious code.
  • Read manga in anonymous mode to avoid ad tracking.
  • Regularly clean your cache and browser history to remove ads.
  • Use anti-virus software to scan the downloaded story.
  • Only download manga from reputable sources, and avoid strange links.


Is Myreadingmanga legal?

Myreadingmanga is a legally operating, non-profit comic-sharing website. However, some sensitive content will be reserved for mature readers only.

Can I read manga offline?

Are not. My Reading Manga can only read comics online. Readers need an internet connection and a browser to access the website.

Can I download manga to my computer/phone?

Due to copyright, Myreadingmanga does not allow downloading manga to personal devices. Readers can only read online on the website.

Is the number of comics giant?

With thousands of titles in diverse genres, Myreadingmanga is genuinely a manga lover's paradise with a vibrant manga source.

Despite some controversies over sensitive content, Myreadingmanga still maintains its position and is growing, affirming its appeal in the manga-loving community.

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